Radius Taper gages

  These gages take axially (X&Y) clearance readings between the packing and the packing gland on the rotor. Their design permits you to take the reading and clear the packing bore and rotor. Reading can be taken on turbine wheels, diaphrams, packing, bearing clearances, as well as other applications.
Model Number

RXY25100 .025 - .100
RXY50300 .050 - .300
RXY275500 .275 - .500
RXY450650 .450 - .650

  Takes the radius reading between the packing and the shaft. It will clear the shaft and the rotor below the joint for an accurate reading.
Model RPG10115 - takes readings below the joint where the packing teeth are broken or damaged.
Model RPG10115A - only takes readings at the horizontal joint,.
Model Number

RPG10115 .010 - .115
RPG10115A .010 - .115

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